Academy of the Mind

The Academy Of The Mind course for 2015 builds upon the modules put together in 2014. The primary objectives are to empower and up-skill medical students in their abilities to recognise, understand and assist with the mental health of peers and friends, and self. This year, the course structure will allow medical students to dictate their own learning. Module 3 offers an option of health enhancement strategies in Building A Strong Baseline, or LGBTIQ Mental Health where students explore issues facing the LGBTIQ community and how these impact their mental health. The course will also encourage students to look at mental health from a public health perspective and explore the neuroscientific understanding of mental disorders, to date.

The course has been developed in consultation with Australia’s best-recognized experts in the field of mental health. It will equip students with critical knowledge and resources for dealing with mental illness in their future careers, and in the broad community. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be better equipped as mental health advocates!

Course Syllabus:
The course commences with an introductory module that introduces the main themes explores the neuroscience of mental disorder. Subsequently, the course will cover common mental illnesses, risks for the medical community, health enhancement, LGBTIQ mental health issues, dealing with crisis, navigating the healthcare system to seek help, and local and global public health perspectives in mental health.

Module 1 – Mental Health 101: Common Presentations & Neuroscience
Module 2 – Early Intervention: Empathising, Understanding & Taking Action
Module 3Choose Your Own Adventure: LGBTIQ Mental Health OR Building a Strong Baseline
Module 4 – Future Directions